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Throughout the years, we have learned that drivers know best what makes a great tarp. That’s why Deal Rite tarps are made to order. You get what you want.

Deal Rite is a recognized leader in the field of industrial curtains. Be it a track system, dock curtains, light or the heaviest duty, you pick the color, finish and style, and we deliver. Expert installation advice is available at no charge. Call us today, and your curtain will be on site in three weeks or less, ready to hang.

Field covers:
Need a large cover for your athletic field or gym floor? How about a cover for your entrance or stage? Deal Rite to the rescue. There is no job too large or small, nothing too simple or too complex. We are the experts. If we can’t do it, it can’t be done.

Straps and Accessories:
We carry everything from 9″ to 41″ bungie straps to 2″ and 4″ ratcheting load straps. Torn tarp? We carry the best vinyl patch cement available…HH66…Give us a call.

Tent sidewall curtains:
With the increasing popularity of summer tent events, Deal Rite has responded with a large line of sidewall products to meet every need. See us for your summer picnic needs.