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Café Style Windows & Sidewalls

Café Style Windows Café Windows

For outdoor weddings, tents are ideal for creating stylish and elegant spaces that provide an intimate, comfortable environment for guests. At Deal Rite, we offer brides and grooms the option of adding sidewalls, which are advantageous in cooler climates, and they also help keep things dry in the event of rain. Windowed sidewalls can add a charming look to the overall tent structure while still providing those inside with a view of the surrounding area.

The sidewalls shown here incorporated café style windows to add sophistication to the overall look while allowing guests to have a natural, outdoors perspective. We manufactured four of these custom sidewalls to provide the flexibility to install them only when needed and on any of the four tent sides. Materials of construction included 13 oz white vinyl block out material and 20 gauge clear vinyl for the windows. The flexible window material had the durability to stand up to heavy use and keep its beautiful and professional appearance in all types of weather conditions.

Each of the sidewalls featured dimensions of 13.6' in length x 19.1' in height. We paid detailed attention to quality at each phase of the manufacturing process. Careful inspection of work-in-process, as well as the final product ensured that we met the client's standards and specifications. We supplied these custom tarpaulins with sturdy, weatherproof stainless steel clips to facilitate installation on the tent frame structure. If you are interested in learning more about this project other projects we have completed for the recreational industry, contact us today.

Café Style Windows & Sidewall Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes
Custom Tarps
Number of Pieces Cut
Cut Size
13.6 ft x 19.1 ft
Material Used
4in White Vinyl Top
20ga Clear
Stainless Steel Clips
Material Finish
Industry for Use
Park & Recreation