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Industrial Flame Resistant Curtains

Industrial Flame Resistant Curtains 2 Color Industrial Flame Resistant Curtain

One of our clients in the greater Milwaukee area is an award-winning construction company noted for injecting artful creativity into traditional construction methods. This firm is one of the world's most renowned builders of realistic landscapes and custom fabricated features for zoos, aquariums, theme parks, resorts, museums and other immersive environments. They operate a large manufacturing facility in Wisconsin where much of their fabrication activity takes place.

To optimize and reconfigure their use of space, the company contacted us here at Deal Rite for a partitioning solution. We were asked to provide a barrier against dust while still providing the accessibility needed to easily move work in and out of this specific area on their plant floor. Our custom solution involved fabricating three two-color curtains from 18 oz. flame-resistant vinyl laminate, a heavy weight fabric that tolerates the heat and stress of their plant environment.

The entire configuration consisted of two fixed curtains measuring 102'-6" by 26', installed with a 10' opening and a single fixed curtain with dimensions of 28'by 73' with a 10' wide doorway. All curtains featured dual-color construction, durable heat-sealed seams, and strong, triple-fold, double sewn hems with brass spur grommets. We supplied all of the mounting hardware and once installed, this curtain wall system effectively contained the dust while providing safe and secure environmental separation from adjacent areas on the plant floor. To learn more about this project or our custom industrial curtain manufacturing capabilities, contact us today.

Industrial Flame Resistant Curtain Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes
Custom Tarpaulins
Cut Sizes
26' x 102'6"
28' x 73'
Curtain Doorways
Number of Pieces Cut
Material Used
Fire retardant vinyl
Material Finish
Vinyl Laminate
Delivery Location
Jackson, Wisconsin