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Double Tracking Curtains

Double Tracking Curtains

One of our customers here at Deal Rite is a major provider of complex welded assemblies and operates a large plant in the Franklin, Wisconsin area. They commissioned us to fabricate an industrial curtain system to surround the welding area inside their facility. For significantly less expense than building permanent walls, we designed and manufactured the double tracking curtain wall system highlighted here to partition off the weld shop. Our solution improved working conditions by containing welding operations. This system protects staff working in the adjacent area, as well as those who simply pass through this part of the plant, from sparks, exposure to ultraviolet light, and other possible hazards during periods of welding activity.

We manufactured these welding curtains from Weld-View PVC material, the industry standard for welding safety applications. Weld-View is a strong, durable, flame-resistant material that is impervious to UV rays, most chemicals, and provides protection from sparks, spatter, and weld flash. We fabricated a total of 12 curtains, some blue and some yellow, which amounted to more than 4,000 sq-ft of curtain material. For maximum flexibility and ease of accessibility, we supplied the curtains with double tracking hardware. The double tracking hardware system allowed the individual curtains to be pushed either to the left or the right for opening or closing, making it easily adaptable to move larger workpieces and assemblies.

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Double Tracking Curtain Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes
Custom Tarps
Number of Pieces Cut
Cut Size
46' x 90'
Material Used
Weldview Vinyl
Blue & Yellow
Material Finish
Delivery Location
Franklin, WI